The Best Time To Water Your Garden

The Best Time To Water Your Garden

Do not water your plants! Water the soil your plants have to live in.
Readers Question: I would like to ask if there are specific times of the day that you can only water the plants to maximize their growth. Thanks for being open for questions about gardening because I really want to grow more of our own plants in the next few months. from: Gardeners Questions

The best time of the day to water plants is in evening or early morning. This is mainly because the watering will be more efficient. Away from glare of sun, the water has time to seep into soil before evaporating.
The main thing is getting the right amount of water to the plant, the time of watering won’t really affect growth. Though in greenhouses, watering during the day, can help keep temperature down (dampening effect)

Other Tips for Watering Plants

  • The most critical time for watering is:
  1. When plants are in flower or leaves are limp early in the morning.
  2. When soft fruits have started to form
  3. When plants are newly planted or transplanted.
  4. When plants start to show signs of distress.
  • When you water make sure it seeps down to roots and soaks the soil and not just first inch otherwise roots will grow upwards or stay on the dry surface.
  • It is better to water thoroughly but less often than frequently and often.
  • Try mulching after a good watering. Mulch is anything that preserves moisture of soil.
  • Different Plants have much different needs for watering.

water is unfit for human consumption

Best Time To Water Your Garden

  • The Best Time To Water Your Garden is when the plants are just beginning to suffer from a lack of water.
  • If you get new drought controls in parts of the UK, the Best Time To Water Your Garden may be when no one is looking. (Only joking you will be watering with grey water and water collected from a rain butt won’t you.
  • Thinking about watering restrictions just a reminder the your garden does not need watering! Save your energy and water for those ‘at risk’ plants that really need water and be focused on your watering programme.


water is unfit for human consumption by woodleywonderworks CC BY 2.0

5 thoughts on “The Best Time To Water Your Garden

  1. I have been growing dwarf french bean but the problem is that they are round not long,
    What is the problem. They look more like green tomatoes, not beans.

  2. Sorry I have not come across this. Is it all the beans or just odd ones?
    It could be the variety, poor pollination or lack of water.
    It is not too late for things to improve

  3. I have bought a Chrysanthenum Frutescens it is in full bloom.
    Can I put it outside now? is it frost free?
    It is in a small pot and is potted in a larger pot, can I plant it straight in the garden, or do I leave it in the pots please?

  4. I would wait a bit longer until the frost has gone.
    You can put it in the garden with some support.

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