Questions on Gardening

Questions on Gardening

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  1. Sorry no real idea although European Pear rust is said to be a problem this year. It has orangey brown spots followed by galls on the underside of the leaf not black tips.

    You may have lost fruitlets to the birds.

  2. We have two Irish Yews, planted in 1891. They have now reached a height of 25′ with a base of 3′ diameter, spreading to a girth of about 10′. They’re so tall, we can’t see out of the upstairs windows! Can we prune them back – and if so, how should we go about it?

  3. You could move house!
    Reducing the height will change the form and look of the tree but if needs must.
    Irish Yew can be cut back and kept in check by regular pruning/trimming in future.
    At this age it is still in middle age for a yew it will take some time to recover. I would only trim the sides back to darker leaves in the first year and see how you and the Yew get on.

  4. Hi, I am worried about next doors Japanese Acer; it is about 4ft tall and its stem is flush against the wall.

    I am worried what it’s roots are doing to the foundations of my wall, and my double extension, which is about 3ft from the wall. I need this knowledge in order to inform my new neighbour of any likely damage that may be caused.

    There is also a water joint between a lead pipe and an aclethene pipe below somewhere near

  5. I have a hydrangea in a pot in my yard. I have noticed the leaves getting a redish tinge and spots on the stem. Any ideas what it is and if it is harmful? Many thanks jennifer

  6. If you let them seed you will have lots of new plants for 2013. They may not flower in the first year. After flowering the plants may die so do not bother replanting the old stock.

  7. It shouldn’t be harmful as long as the pots are well watered. If it spreads try a fungicide.

  8. Ornamental Acers should not have massive roots but Maples and Sycamores are part of the Acer family.
    Far less damage is done by tree roots than is imagined, the main cause of problem is the shrinkage caused by the tree taking water from the surrounding soil.

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  10. My chilean potato tree has not flowered this summer! Could you give me some advice please. Thankyou

  11. I am not sure of the cause. You could try leaving it unpruned for next year so you don’y cut off the flower buds by mistake. Water in spring.

  12. I have a fig tree, and this year the figs have grown really big and starting to darken, almost pear sized, and look ripe and feel soft. When you open them they only have a small red part and are really quite dryish, and they are rather tasteless, even though the taste is sweet. Should I have fed them something earlier in the year to make them taste better and be juicier or is it just not a good variety? I have no idea what the variety is, but they have never been this size before, and we have lived here for 17 years. Any comments welcome, thank you.

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