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  1. My lupins are just developing healthy leaves – about 4″ high, however today we noticed the leaves drooping and underneath many woodlice who seem to be eating leaves – what can I use to stop them please?

  2. Hello I hope u have a minute to spare my gooseberry cordon is 9 year old and double. I t looks more like 2 bushes what can I do to get it back to more of a tight stem or should I cut them back to the bottom of each
    Never pruned properly inthe 1st place
    Thank you

  3. Are you most concerned about getting more fruit or the aesthetics? If the former I would give a more gentle trim.
    You can hard prune some of the old wood but not more than a third of the shrub each year. I would be brave and get rid of some of the old wood totally.
    Aim to end up with a shape that allows air into the center of the plant. New growth may be rampant at the moment and this can be cut out where not needed or just halved if it is growing where you want it.
    Good luck & P.S. plants will root quite easily from prunings/cuttings or grow from seed produced by very ripe berries

  4. Hi, i have an indian bean tree grown from cutting, currently 10 feet tall and has flowered (great), tree currently constrained in 100 litre plastic container, i have grown cuttings. I have a 6 metre wide back garden, my question is can i safely put into the garden or will the roots be to much for our neighbours and us?


  5. does dead heading daffodils stop them from spreading or naturalising

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