Autumn Buying Time for Tulips

Autumn Buying Time for Tulips

This post may be an excuse to show photos of some good looking Tulips or it may be a timely reminder to buy some new bulbs.
Blown Tulip

Why Order and Plant Tulips

  • Best quality Tulips give the best display. Order early from a specialist or renown supplier.
  • Tulips can supply that wild dash of colour in a spring garden or vase of flowers.
  • Several Tulips have a scent that is worth cultivating.
  • Botanic and species Tulips offer something a bit different in your gardem

Tip toe through the tulips

A selection of tulips are available from Thompson & Morgan

Colour and Tulips

  • The first couple of photographs were selected because they start to show the range of colour available from the tulip family.
  • Matched is better than a large variety of colours so I avoid mixtures.
  • Swathes of one colour and variety will flower at the same time.
  • Selecting two harmonising colours requires you to plan the varieties that will flower at the same time and height.


Scent and Tulips

  • Orange Tulips are said by John Hiorns to have the best scent and Ballerina and Veronique Sanson fit this bill.
  • The magenta coloured Margarita is a double flowering quite early when scent is at a premium.
  • The 10″ high Peach Blossom has fine flowers with pink outer petals and a distinctive white eye and a scent to entrance.

Tulip Shirley

Different Tulips

  • These Shirley Tulips are a nice bicolour.
  • Fringed and Parrot tulips are popular if you want something a bit different.
  • Viridian Tulips have  a stripe of green on the outer petals and look green when closed.
  • Double Tulips are all the rage at the moment – Order some for your Autumn planting.


More Sources

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