Sensual Scented Tulips

Sensual Scented Tulips

Fringed tulip

You do not always associate Tulips with fragrance but here is a selection that may be worth trying.

Tulips do not need to be planted until November but if you want specific varieties it may be worth getting your order in sooner rather than later.Now is the time to check what is flowering well in your area and select you favourites. I have receiveĀ  bulb catalogues in July and the newspaper had a special offer this morning on lily flowers tulips. If you can’t get to a specialist nursery try mail order as your bulbs will be supplied at the right time and in good condition.

Scented Botanical or Species Tulips

  • T. aucheriana rich sweet flowers open flat
  • T. celsiana Persian tulip June blooms delicious scent
  • T. gesneriana scarlet flowers sweetly scented
  • T. primulina primrose yellow flowers smelling of lily of the valley
  • T. saxatillis lilac flowers with primrose scent
  • T. suaveolensscarlet scented blooms
  • T. sylvestris Lemon-yellow with sweet perfume
  • T .fragrans pronounced scent as you would expect with a name like that

Fringed tulip

Other Fragrant Tulips worth Considering

Double tulips which can be planted in pots or near a door :

  • Marquette
  • Mme Testout
  • Murillo
  • Schoonoord
  • Tea rose

Peonie flowered Sensual Scented Tulips

  • Angelique a white tinged pink
  • Upstar series
  • Orange Princess
  • Yellow Mountain

Lily flowered and Parrot Tulips

  • Ballerina yellow flowered
  • Ellen Willmott
  • La Merveille
  • Black Parrot
  • Orange Favourite
  • Prince of Orange
  • Demeter Victory Late flowering White

Read about the Reasons & Varieties of Tulips to order

Here is a selection of sensual scented Cut Flower Tulip varieties

For the visual senses try Green Tulips

Parrot Tulips

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