Three Top Seasonal Seedlings

Three Top Seasonal Seedlings

bellis Perennis

Plants can go in to your borders or patio pots now for an early spring show and a bit of early colour. My choice would be from Winter Pansy, Polyanthus and the Red, White or Pink double daisy shown above Bellis Perennis.

I bought some ‘Red Pansies’ from Morrisons but they are not flowering anything like those below. Mine are so dark maroon that they are almost black.

Winter Color #3

Plant now for Spring Colour

  • If you haven’t grown your own plants from seed buy them from a nursery where they should have been hardened off a bit.
  • If buying fromĀ  a supermarket get them used to outside conditions and give them some protection or cover in bad weather for a few days before planting out.
  • Pick a day when the ground isn’t frozen.
  • If it is dry for long periods give the plants some water. (Not a problem in Bradford above)
  • Generally it is too cold for pests but slugs and aphids may make an appearance when it gets warmer.
  • All these plants can flower through winter but should get stronger as the snows disappear after February

Primrose 048

Winter Color #3 by sirwiseowl CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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