Scented Pelargonium (Geraniums)

Scented Pelargonium (Geraniums)

It is the scented leaves of Pelargoniums rather than the flower that attracts growers and collectors. They are often used in scented gardens for the blind but are useful in a normal garden border where they may be brushed or touched. As indoor pot plants they are ideal as living pot-pourri and may be hybrids or species in their own right.

Top 10 Scented leaved Pelargoniums

    1. Pelargonium Fragrans Variegata a small plant with lots of scented green and white leaves with the aroma of spice, pine and lemon.
    2. Mable Grey woody and harder to grow but heavy lemon scented leaves

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    1. P. graveolens Lady Plymouth a strong grower favoured for exhibitions with a rose like scent
    2. Prince of Orange is an old variety that as the name implies smells of orange
    3. Little gem is a dwarf grower with a spicy scent that remains fresh until late in the year

  1. Attar of Roses is small and compact with plentiful multi lobed leaves
  2. Other possible contenders for ‘a top of list’ include P tomentosum (peppermint), P clorinds (pine), and P. quercifolium an aquired pungency not to everyones taste.
  3. There are a range of fruit and nut scented varieties like Countess of Scarborough (strawberry), Big Apple and Patrons Unique (apricot)
  4. Not to my taste is the Chocolate Peppermint with brown leaves that are mint scented

Cultivation tips

  • Leaves are generally round, lobed or heart shaped
  • Scented oil is held in downy hairs on the leaf
  • P.Crispum has crinkly leaves and a self branching habit
  • Pinch out and prune regularly
  • Scented geraniums do not need much fetiliser or tend to loose the scent
  • Tidy old leaves and flowers
  • Many flowers are small and comparatively inconsequential
  • Give them good light and air circulation

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