Pelargonium Grandiflorum and other ‘Geraniums’

Pelargonium Grandiflorum and other ‘Geraniums’

I have tried to grow several Pelargonium varieties this year and been pleasantly surprised at the various forms and colours I have succeeded in producing.

The Grandiflorum is an upright, shrubby perennial with soft smooth stems bearing lobed leaves and large, pinkish-white flowers with dark-purple markings. The plant above I spotted in Chelsea Physic garden this summer.

Dwarf Pelargoniums

  • I have long had a plant that resembles ‘Don’s Helen Bainbridge’ that I got from Fir Trees nursery. It has tricoloured leaves and grows only 3″ above the pot.
  • After some success with this variety and liking the small habit I bought a collection of Dwarfs and they have done well in the first year. I will see how my many cuttings now perform.
  • I try feed main plants with high potash feed from spring and indoor flowering has generally been good.
  • Alice and Kerensa have been amongst my favourites with pale flowers tinged with pink.
  • The 3″ pots, I have used, dry out quite quickly and better watering would have produced better plants.

Miniature Pelargoniums

  • I didn’t realise that miniature geraniums were so varied and interesting . Without a formal description I have taken miniature to mean 4″- 7″ high with smaller than normal geranium leaves.
  • After careful selection I have 6 varieties with neat habits and interesting colour combinations.
  • Angelique has tight double flower heads of deep cerise. They make attractive ball shapes.
  • I also grew an unnamed ‘Regal’ that grew like a miniature but flowered like a massive bedding plant.  The fringed, single petals were pink with a white eye. I am now searching catalogues to try identify it.

Coloured and Scented Pelargoniums

  • The variegated plants have showy leaves that exacerbate the effect of the zonal qualities of many Geraniums.
  • I found that the more variegation on the leaves the fewer flower buds and the less showy were the flowers.
  • Scented leaved Geraniums were easy to propagate from cuttings. Unfortunately I have not found a use for the scented leaves other than crushing them as I walk past.
  • Here are more pictures of coloured flowers and variegated leaves

I recommend developing a taste for growing Geraniums. There is something to keep the gardener interested all year and they are useful indoors, in containers or as bedding.

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