Regal Pelargonium Images

Sumptuous flowers from a houseplant we often call a geranium.
Regal pelargonium

Regal Pelargonium prefer a clay pot and plenty of calcium, so hard water is ideal for watering rather than rain water which will be softer.

Regal pelargonium

Regal Pelargonium do not require as much cutting back and require a slightly higher winter temperature than zonals.

Regal pelargonium

Never allow Regal Pelargonium plants to dry out completely as the roots will seal and blackleg will kill your plant.

Regal Pelargonium Mrs Innes Rogers

Deadhead old flowers frequently and feed regularly with high potash so that they will perform as well as your Zonals.

Pelargonium regal
Growing Regal Geranium Pelargonium

Regal Pelargoniums

Build Your Regal Geranium Collection

pink regal pelargonium

Crimped edges on some petals add to the allure.


‘Apparently this is a Regal Pelargonium’ sure is David(ed).

regal pelargonium

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Regal Pelargoniums by Destinys Agent CC BY-NC 2.0
pink regal pelargonium by Chris & Angela Pye CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
IMG_2434 by DavidQuick CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Swanland Nurseries Pelargonium Cultural tips

Thompson & Morgan supply seeds and plants in season.


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