Ideas for Better Garden Photographs

Ideas for Better Garden Photographs

Compose your photo shot with care to get the image you want and only that image. In this photo the moss and drainpipe do not add anything to the desired result so they need to be cropped out for the next image where ‘Carols’ bucket takes center stage. If the original has been taken with high resolution the cropped image will not suffer. The spade could have been aligned better to show the handle.

Know your cameras capabilities and take several shots until you find an image you like. Be self-critical of your work and regular practice will help to get better results next time

Despite standing on the low wall to look down on the garden only the crazy paving benefited and I should consign this to the compost (I mean the recycle bin). The aim was to have a foreground that didn’t compromise the key middle ground and then a background that didn’t distract. Shame that this photo failed on all aims with the neighboring houses standing out and catching the eye and the key middle ground achieving nothing much.

Landscape images are more common for garden photos but a good ‘portrait’ can show a different view of the same area and in this case Carol can be justly proud of the neat edges shown here. Should I have picked up the stray leaf on the lawn or picked the out of place Icelandic poppy? Maybe.

Get up close and friendly but that doesn’t mean you have to have a macro lens just an eye for colour and a harmonious composition. Nature can throw up some exceptional patterns and images.

Other Better Ideas

  1. Pose the picture in your mind first and do what a gardener would do by tidying up weeds and garden detritus.
  2. Try using several different camera settings and consider cleaning up the chosen photo with computer software.
  3. Take photos at different times of day as the light can make a major difference to your results.
  4. Gardeners know that different seasons will create markedly different pictures. However the garden will change in days or even hours so timing can be crucial to get the plants and therefore photos looking their best.
  5. See more gardeners tips on photography



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