Patterns from Alpine Plants

Patterns from Alpine Plants

Art can be found in many situations and you don’t need to look too far in the alpine house.

See my many magnified, magnificent and magical mushrooms and alpines for startling patterns.


Getting up close and personal is one of the main ways to enjoy Alpine plants and succulent species.

Houseleeks seem to grow for the sake of making patterns from Hens and Chickens through to this rapidly reproduced colour scheme.  Other images on Google

Bukiniczia cabulica makes a strange pattern with a mottled effect in  blueish-greenish shades. Despite a couple of leaves that are going over on this plant even more extreme patterns are found on Google.

Massonia depressa

Rodents including Gerbils are said by the Pacific bulb society to sip the nectar of Massonia depressa and there are lots of rodent droppings to the left of the flower stalk in the second picture on this site.

nov alpines 059

Even fungi can produce unexpected patterns. Observation and an open mind are all you need to see nature at its best.
Bracket fungus

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