Patterns with Plants

Patterns with Plants


This natural pattern of succulent leaves was spotted in my garden as the Autumn flowering Sedum Spectabile burst forth this Spring. This follows the patten in the leaves at the end of a branch of Monkey Puzzle Tree and set me thinking. Many gardeners spend a lot of time and effort to get patterns of colour and texture, variety of shape and form or harmonious patterns to please the eye but nature does it best.

The arrangement of the leaf on every plant is progammed in via nature. The position of flowers, number of petals and arrangement of stigma is also preordained as with this Flowering Cherry.


I will be looking for more patterns within my garden and the photographs from now on. A separate tag will also identify those that I think demonstrate potential.  Looking back this House Leek seems to fit the bill.


A frilly Tulip creates a pattern with just the petals of one flower.

The name of a plant can indicate the pattern you might expect to see. This Acer palmatum contains all the fingers on a palm and more than a handful of digits and hands
Acer palmatum

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