Winter Flowering Plants

Winter Flowering Plants

Winter can start in December and continue through March (we even worry about snow in May up north) but do not let that put you off flowering plants.
iris unguicularis

Iris Unguicularis. Popular name Algerian or winter-flowering iris. This is an ideal plant for poor soil in hot and dry location, facing south. This is from Oxford Botanic Gardens and is flowering in the depth of November when the rest of the garden is frosted over. A lovely plant which isn’t fussy if you choose the right location.

Orchid Stenoglottis longifolia

Orchid Stenoglottis

This variety of Orchid can flower in the depth of winter, but needs a heated conservatory.

Crocus cambessedesii

Crocus cambessedesii.
A great November flowering Crocus. Delicate petals. Here grown in a heated greenhouse.


Cyclamen Cilicium.
Dainty flower of pink.


Snowdrops herald the new spring in early February.


Winter Aconites.
Help provide the first splash of colour in the new year. Hardy and do well under trees.

More on winter aconites

witch hazel

Witch Hazel.
Hamamelis Mollis. See: Growing Witch Hazel




autumn crocus


October Flowering Crocus

  • Pulchellus
  • Sativus the Saffron crocus
  • Speciosus Albus or Conqueror
  • Zonatus -Lavender with a yellow centre.
  • Colchicum various



A fragrant yellow flowered shrub. Dark berries follow particularly good on the variety Oregon Grape.

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