Snow Damage

Snow Damage

Snow in February can be very wet and thus heavy. Powdery dry snow is not so much of a problem for plants although it may be if caused by extra cold snow.


Is it too late to worry about  damage to your favourite plants when the snow has already arrived?  This Fatsia japonica has survived several years in our back garden probably because the winters haven’t been too harsh and the soil is well drained. It is part of our low maintenance section where shrubs provide colour, shape and texture without needing too much attention.

Tips in Snow

  • Knock off the snow from small conifers before branches are bent out of shape. I use a long cane so I don’t get wet and avoid collateral damage.
  • Tie up plants so the weight of snow can’t damage young outer growth.
  • Wet snow is heavy and can break off even sturdy branches. If you get breakages cut back to a sensible point eg near the stem or trunk.

Snow Damage to Equipment

  • If you salt paths don’t let run off get onto the garden.
  • Sweep the worst of snow off any aluminium framed greenhouse to avoid damage under the weight.
  • Do not leave tools out in the snow


Snow Damage to Lawns

  • Just because there is snow covering a lawn do not think you can walk on it without damaging the grass.
  • After a quick thaw it takes time for the water to drain away. Snow on top of frosty ground takes even longer.
  • If you must have a snowman try position it on hard-standing not the lawn.
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