Organic Winter Pansy

Winter pansies won’t get eaten by aphids it is too cold. Pansies don’t need fertiliser to put on a good show in fact you don’t want lush growth in winter.

Helpful Hints for Better Winter Pansies

  • Pansies face the sun so view them from the south to avoid looking at their backs.
  • Low winter light means white and pale colours show up far better than the dark colours.
  • Smaller flowers will be more plentiful and will hold their shape, larger flowers tend to flop
  • A mulch of bark chippings or gravel will help prevent mud splashes
  • Most winter pansies are best in autumn or spring but RHS trials recommend ‘Nature’ White, Ocean or Yellow, Ultima Silhouette, Panola Daffodil and Skyline Yellow Blotch.
  • Plant in pots or in sheltered sunny positions for the best show
  • It is too late to plant seeds this season but retailers have a good selection on sale at the moment. I have bought some cheaply from Aldi and as I update this post I can report they did  winter flowering species proud. They came back well even after hard frosts.

Winter pansies start to come into their floral own in February and March.

Try Thompson & Morgan  for winter pansy seeds and plants.

5 Responses to Organic Winter Pansy

  1. Tyra in Vaxholm November 4, 2008 at 16.03 #

    Thank you for a very good an useful tip about the Pansies, a true favourit of mine / LOL Tyra

  2. tina November 4, 2008 at 16.03 #

    I had no idea pansies faced the sun like sunflowers. Good to know! I need to get some in soon. Yours are so pretty. And I think I’ll look for small ones:)


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