Purple Pansy Please

Purple Pansy Please

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Winter pansies start to come into their own in February and March. It is also a great time to stock up on new pansies for the coming year.

Increase Your Pansies.

    • Kinder pots of seedlings are available for sale in many garden centers but they are usually only available for a few weeks. You need to prick them out and grow on so they are labour intensive but you may get as many plants as you would from your own seed packets.
    • Plug u grow are slightly larger pansy plants that also need protection and growing on until planted out.
    • Seed packets are available mail order or at many retail outlets. Purple rain smaller F1 spreading pansy Bingo a deep purple and Karma may fit your colour schemes.
    • In spring small and large trays of pansies are offered in ready to plant out modules. Thompson & Morgan search for seeds and plants

Purple pansies

Purple pansies by moonlightbulb, CC BY 2.0
purple pansies by thecolourblue CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Purple is a colour that is hard to define. As a mix of blue and red the spectrum moves from dark mauve through to indigo and almost violet.

purple pansies

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