Perfect Perennial Plants

Perfect Perennial Plants

2014 may be the year you get into perennials but if you need inspiring try a visit to Breezy Knees garden near York
Phlox paniculata

There are so many perennial plants to chose from it is hard to make a choice.
White Phlox above stands out against the lush green leaves.


When planning to purchase plants plenty of people prefer Pinks, Penstemon (preceding Photo) and Phlox, that are part of the plug plant perennial collection from Jersey Plants Direct.


As regular readers may realise I am into alliterative Pinks, Carnations and Dianthus at the moment. I even have a lot of Sweet Williams around the garden. (Don’t the earwigs get up your nose?).

Penstemon posts to peruse –
‘Perfect Penstemon Growing’ – Tip of the post Keep growing young plants to increase your stock.
Mixed Penstemon adding a general fertiliser at the base of the plant is better than heavy manure or strong nitrogen feed as this will just encourage excessive leaf growth.
Growing Penstemon they can give an uninterrupted display of flowers for several months.

Phlox Perennial Phavourite
Tips for growing Phlox – Try the rockery varieties as well as the Paniculatas
Scented Phlox – Phlox will flower in some shade but prefer and smell best in full sun.

Pink Photographs
Perfect Pink Pinks -Pinks prefer neutral to limey soil.
Cottage Garden plants – That is what grans Favourite is for.
Types of Carnation and Pinks– the Dianthus genus encompasses 400 + species and cultivars.

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