Pinnacle of Phlox

Pinnacle of Phlox

The top three tips to keep perennial Phlox Paniculata in perfect condition are:
1. Keep well watered to avoid mildew
2. Split large clumps and weed out weedy stems to aid air flow
3. Plant several colours and varieties for a great show.

Golden Acre phlox

Top Varieties

    3 feet tall the pure white ‘Phlox of Mount Fuji‘ earns its AGM. The flaring petals open out from twisted buds to form clusters of flat white scented flowers.
    Another AGM winner is Bright Eyes with pale pink flowers having a deeper red centre. The foliage may take on the red tinge during summer and it grows to about 4 feet tall.
    Phlox paniculata ‘Dodo Hanbury-Forbes’ AGM just for its name or Blue Ice or Blue Paradise to balance up the colour scheme.
    Phlox Tiara is a new double white flower.

Plus Points

    Various Phlox are available from Thompson & Morgan
    Phlox will flower in some shade but prefer and smell best in full sun.
    Phlox are easy to grow but some varieties may suffer from mildew. Bright Eyes is resistant.
    Clumps of Phlox do not need staking and supporting
    Phlox paniculata are a clump forming member of the Phlox family.
    Cut down the old stems in winter and give the plants a mulch.

Phlox paniculata

Phlox Problems

  • Phlox are prone to mildew but it won’t kill the plant – Phlox will come back next year.
  • Water stress is a main cause of Phlox mildew so water the roots, avoid splashing the leaves as this transfers spores of mildew.
  • Lack of air circulation is another cause of mildew.
  • In Autumn tidy up all fallen leaves.
  • Mildew attacks young sappy growth so do not feed late in the summer.
  • Perennial Favourite
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    Book Cover
    Phlox: A Natural History and Gardener’s Guide by James H. Locklear

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