Growing Penstemon

Growing Penstemon


Penstemon are one of the most underated herbaceous perennials. Relatively easy to grow they can give an uninterupted display of flowers for several months.

The growing requirements of penstemon are fairly basic

  • Like a well drained soil. Penstemon do not like a heavy waterlogged clay
  • Like full sun. or at least sun for part of the day.
  • Penstemon are hardy, but, early growth may be caught by late frosts. It is advisable to cut back Penstemon in spring time – April /early May This means old growth will provide some shelter from frost. It is important to cut back otherwise they will become woody.
  • Benefits from general fertiliser in early May

Cuttings from Penstemons

Penstemons can grow well from cuttings take a cutting  of 6 inches, remove lower leaves and place in suitable cutting mixture. Roots may form after 3-4 weeks.

Another way to get new plants from Penstemons is to layer branches. If you put a branch under the soil there is a good chance it will develop roots you can then detach from parent plant.

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