Cottage Garden Sweet William – Dianthus

Cottage Garden Sweet William – Dianthus

More on a topical favourite Dianthus the Sweet William.
Sweet William

This selection of Sweet Williams are grown from one packet of seed. The frilly flowers look almost double and when massed together in one flowerhead they look stunning.

Sweet William

A cottage garden favourite the Sweet William is in flower from July to September. They make good cut flowers and a nesting spot for earwigs. (Give them a good shake before bringing them into the house.)

Sweet William

Look at these flowers and you will probably think of the Pink family or Carnations. They are all related and the flowers, petal arrangement and seed capsules all look similar.

Sweet William

Sweet Williams are best treated as biannuals but they can last as short lived perennials. Cut out the flowering stems and cover the lax lower growth with some compost in September to encourage new roots.


Sweet Williams are bright cheerful flowers that are looking good in my garden at the beginning of July.

What Are Sweet Williams

  • Sweet Williams are a cottage garden flower that can be used as a cut flower.
  • They are a herbaceous biennial growing one year to flower the next.
  • Sweet Williams grow 10″-24″ tall and have tapered leaves.
  • The flowers are produced in a dense cluster of up to 30 at the top of the stems.
  • Each floret has five petals with serrated edges and looks like a ‘Pink’ to which they are related.
  • Most Sweet Williams have a spicy, clove-like scent.

Tips for Growing Sweet Williams

  • Grow from seed planted in July for flowers the following year.
  • They can be treated as a short-lived perennial plant.
  • Allow plants to grow bushy and you can tear an old root with stems attached into several pieces in Autumn and these cuttings can increase your stock of your favourite colours.



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