Hosta Flower Arranging Gardeners Tips

There is a wide range of gloriously leaved Hostas that gardeners can grow for flower arranging. They produce large clumps of superb foliage and it is hard to decide which varieties to grow as you are spoilt for choice.
Hostas provide colour size texture and flower spikes so what is not to like?


Starting and Cultivating Hostas For Flower Arranging

  • Plant during October to March in sun or shade.
  • Mulch the plants and water generously. Hostas like water and damp soil but this and the taste of leaves makes them very attractive to slugs and snails.
  • Grow in pots if slugs are a real pest and you can’t control your slugs and snails any other way.
  • Use any type of soil but add manure or spent mushroom compost to the planting hole
  • For more on Hostas read ‘Growing Hostas’
  • Thompson & Morgan supply plants and seeds.

Conditioning and Arranging Hostas

  • Read more on Hostas for flower arranging
  • By the end of May little conditioning is needed other than a long drink
  • Put the ends of young stems in the early stages of growth in an inch of boiling water, then submerge them overnight. Place in a polythene bag for several days to stiffen them
  • Flowers last well without treatment.
  • Leaves can be pressed in autumn between sheets of blotting paper.
  • Most leaves are useful in a green group to add light and texture.
  • Flower stems with their pendulous bells are good for mixed groups

Hosta flowers

Varieties of Hosta for Flower Arranging

  • Hosta Thomas Hogg and albo-picta have variegated edges. Hosta albo marginata has a white edge to a smaller leaf.
  • Miniature and small host varieties are worth seeking out and growing for smaller arrangements.
  • Hosta sieboldia Elegans is a grey leaf and there are yellow, blue and a multitude of green leaved varieties.
  • Jurasic Park, Prince of Wales and Blue angel have big blue leaves
  • Captain Kirk has lime green leaves mixed with a strong yellow.
  • Try Bowden the supplier with a Royal Warrant

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