Dahlia Flower Arranging Gardeners Tips

Dahlia Flower Arranging Gardeners Tips

The pompom and decorative types of Dahlia are the best for flower arranging. The large headed flower types are difficult to arrange.
There is a tremendous variety of colour and shades to suit every decorative scheme. Grow varieties and shades that suit your house.
Eden Project Dahlia

Starting and Cultivating Dahlia

  • Plant late May or June. The larger plants will need staking.
  • When plants are 12-18″ high nip out the growing point to encourage side shoots which become flowering stems.
  • Mulch the plants and water generously. Fortnightly foliar feed is recommended.
  • Lift tubers in winter and store frost free. Large tubers can be divided before replanting.
  • For more on Dahlias read easy and easier dahlias even though the even-easier dahlias are grown from seed.
  • Thompson & Morgan supply plants and seeds.

Conditioning and Arranging Dahlias

  • Dahlias like a little sugar in the water.
  • An asprin or drop of bleach in the water will control algae growth. Change water every other day.
  • Put the ends of the stems in a little boiling water, then give them a long, deep drink.
  • The bright colours mean they can be used as a focal point in a mixed display
  • Dahlias are free flowering and provide a good supply so we prefer large bunches.
  • Pink Dahlias seem to blend well with purple, red and other pink flowers


Varieties of Dahlia

  • Some Dahlia are better cut flowers than others. Single flowers often do better than doubles.
  • Older varieties to consider include Angora cactus type, Lilac Time, Gold Crown and Chorus Girl
  • Red varieties Doris Day and Cherry Ripe or white Polar Bear are said to be good doers.
  • I have seen Trentonian, old gold and copper; Waverlet Pearl, apricot; Isabel McElney, salmon pink and Fancy Free, pale copper also recommended.

Turn your arrangements into botanical works of art – here are some examples and clubs you could join.

To grow a generic mix of flowers for arrangements and bouquets check out Thompson & Morgan

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