Alstroemeria Flower Arranging Gardeners Tips


Ligtu hybrids are the plant of choice to grow for flower arrangers. Once established these perennials clump up to give a profusion of multi-headed flowers. The colour range (see photogenic flowers) is impressive ranging from cream, red, orange shades of pink and mottled colouring.
Growing on tall stems up to 3 feet long Alstromeria make lasting and colourful cut flowers.


Starting and Cultivating Alstroemeria

  • Always buy pot grown plants and take care of the roots when planting. They have both thick juicy roots and hairy feeder roots that are quite delicate.
  • March or April are good months to plant in a sheltered spot.
  • Pick sparingly in the first couple of years to allow plants to build up.
  • You can support with pea sticks but I find my varieties stay erect and firm.
  • Cut or pull out stems that have finished flowering.
  • For more quick growing tips read link.
  • Thompson & Morgan supply plants and seeds. Seeds need patience and some skill.

Conditioning and Arranging Alstroemeria

  • A long drink in deep water after picking is all that is really needed.
  • Seedheads can be attractive. Dry them upside down then they can be used in full length arrangements or as individual florets cut off for smaller displays.
  • The bright colours mean they can be used as a focal point in a mixed display
  • Alstroemeria look good in a vase of there own with a little green foliage
  • Alstroemeria can be left long stemmed or cut short for different sized displays.

If you do not have green fingers then you can buy Alstroemeria from florists. They may have been grown in Columbia or Peru (they are called Peruvian lilies after all) but they should still last several weeks. Turn your arrangements into botanical works of art – here are some examples and clubs you could join.

To grow a generic mix of flowers for arrangements and bouquets check out Thompson & Morgan

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