Growing Alstroemeria – Quick Tips


Alstroemeria or Peruvian Lilies make great flowers for picking and are long lasting in a vase. When established they are easy to grow.

Get your plants from Thompson & Morgan who supply plants and seeds. The seeds need patience and some skill.

Culture of Alstroemeria

  • Plenty of organic matter and regular watering  helps Alstroemeria thrive.
  • Alstromeria like a sheltered site in sun or partial shade. They can form good solid clumps and some varieties self seed.
  • Taller 3 feet plus Alstroemeria need staking or they may be knocked down by rain or wind. Ligtu hybrids should be self supporting.
  • Apollo varieties cope well with frost and flower in three or four separate flushes.
  • Deadhead regularly by pulling out the flowering stem.
  • Alstromeria

  • Scatter a slow release fertilizer in spring
  • When picking for indoors pull the whole stem from near the base. They can last 3 weeks in a vase.
  • Great for borders and containers withgood drainage.
  • Plant at a depth of 3cm.
  • Mulch for the first 2 years. In frost prone areas maintain a dry mulch in winter.
  • If the plant gets too hot in the summer they may stop flowering and put their effort to producing more tuberous roots.
  • Propagate established clumps by division in early spring or autumn.


  •  Taller varieties include  Apollo  (AGM)  white with a yellow speckled throat,  Friendship (AGM) pale yellow and later flowering, Prince Alice has rich pink flowers and Perfect Blue is lavender coloured
  • Medium growers inclue Blushing Bride white with a pink blush, Adonis deep pink, Freedom rose with red throat patterns and the orange Princess Sophia.
  • A smaller fragrant variety has been launched by Thomposn Morgan called Sweet Laura see below



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