Lewisia Growing Tips


I have talked before of Lewisia becoming trendy and offered some growing tips.
I have had another year of experience and like the way my plants are performing.
The above plant is flowering amongst the old leaves of the primula that cropped up in the sandy soil of my rockery.

Description of Lewisia

  • From the Portulacaceae family most Lewisias could almost be mistaken for succulents.
  • They produce thick or fleshy, green, shiny waxy leaves in rosettes.
  • Lewisia grow 6-10″ high and flower on straight stems that are prone to lean over.
  • Flowers are profuse, round-shaped and occasionally doubles or semis.
  • Lewisia blooms come in bright pink,  apricot, white, or plum red.
  • Most varieties are evergreen but resent damp on the leaves.


Varieties of Lewisia

  • Lewisia rediviva, also called bitter root lewisia has thick, fleshy, deciduous leaves and pink to white flowers. Detailed growing information is available here.
  • Lewisia cotyledon has persistent leaves and grows in the form of mat like rosettes. ‘Little Plum’ has deeply veined flowers in white with pink or red stripes.
  • Hybrid lewisias are available as inexpensive seed mixtures.
  • The Alpine garden society lists 100 cultivars and species and in the Alpine Gardener vol 82 No 3. there is a wealth of knowhow about Lewisia cotyledon one of the colourful and popular species.
  • Lewisia tweedyi is shorter at 6″ tall but has 3″ wide blooms in white and cream. Great for a rockery or alpine house.

Book Cover
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More Photographs of Lewisia

National collection of Lewisia can be seen at Ashwood Nurseries


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