Lewisia Trendy, Bright and Breezy

What is not to like about Lewisia? Not a lot in my view but I like brash colours.


Lewisia are very showy plants that are currently popular as availability and resiliance increases. This is a Lewisia cotyledon which makes a rosette of flat fleshy leaves and sprays of flowers from white through to reds and mauves.

Tips for Growing Lewisia

  • Whilst Lewisia are perennial plants are very susceptible to winter wet rot. Over winter under glass if needs be.
  • As Lewisia are very low growing it is common to grow in pots or containers so the flowers can be seen.
  • The clump forming Ashwood Strain is recommended as a particularly good mix producing large semi-double flowers in a wide range of colours.
  • With judicious deadheading Lewisia will bloom from April to the end of September, particularly if kept in an alpine house or cold greenhouse.
  • In an Alpine garden surround the base of the plant with rock chips to prevent rot. Lewisias prefer sites with abundant spring moisture followed by a dry, cool summer.
  • Other species to try include Lewisia; Pygmea, Rediviva, Brachycalyx, or hybrids Heckneri or Phyllellia Obtain plants from various nurseries or your local garden centre.

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