RHS Recommended Lilies

RHS Recommended Lilies

To end our lily week we go back to an earlier post about RHS lilies.
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Each month the Royal Horticultural Society offer a plant collection or two for sale with the Garden magazine. Back in 2009 the RHS Lily collection included three varieties.

Lilium Vico Queen with orange, trumpet shaped flowers up to 6 inches long on plants 6 feet tall. The outward facing, slightly pendant blooms are well scented and are good for the middle or back of the border.
Lilium paradalinum giganteum can grow 10 feet tall can carry stems with up to 30 crimson, turkscap flowers speckled with yellow & scarlet. A variety that tolerates alkaline soil.
Lilium leichtlinii has rich yellow flowers heavily speckled with reddish-brown

Cultivation of Lilies

  • These lilies are all hardy varieties and can be planted in February when the soil is not frozen. Put some sand or grit at the bottom of the hole to help with drainage. If the soil is often wet lay the bulb on the side so water runs away.
  • Lilies thrive in rich, moist but well drained soil that has plenty of neutral or acidic compost.
  • The plants are very showy and  make good, long lived, cut-flowers.
  • Chose AGM varieties

If you are interested in pursuing Lilies there is a list of appropriate Lily Societies on the RHS Lily Group web site.

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