Terracotta Potting Pots

Pots for potting

Reuseable and recyclable terracotta pots have been a staple in the potting shed for many generations. As a child I was always interested in the concept of ‘throwing pots’ but now I think I know better (but then again may be not).

Benefits of Pot Pots

  • Watering pot pots can be done by capillary action (bottom up) or from the top.
  • These pots are generally freer draining than plastic pots.
  • Air can circulate around pots and find its way into or out of the soil to the benefit of plants.
  • Pot pots have a cooling effect as water evaporates through the sides.
  • Plants are easy to de-pot for potting up into a larger size.
  • Broken pot shards can be used to ‘crock’ the bottom of pots.

Plants that prefer Pot Pots.

  • Many Alpines like deep runs in well drained soil so I tend to use pot pots.
  • Auricula’s and fleshy leaved plants like Lewisia do not like the rosettes or leaves to get wet so pot pots are ideal with bottom watering.
  • Many bulbs do best in pots as they are less likely to rot and watering can be done more individually.
  • Plants destined for exhibition or show look natural in earth coloured pots rather than gaudy plastic.

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