For Mulch get Strulch

This is an unashamed plug for a garden mulch product called  Strulch.

I have used it and it works. If you doubt me look at some of the UK’s top gardens listed below who have also got ‘Strulch mulch’.

Gardens Using Strulch

The Eden Project, Cornwall

Outdoor landscaping on exposed and sloping surfaces. Follow directions to the Tea demonstration.

RHS Garden Harlow Carr, Harrogate & RHS Garden Wisley, Surrey

Around fruit trees, shrubs and in the Kitchen Garden Plots.

Helmsely Walled Garden, North Yorkshire

Restored Victorian walled garden with herbaceous borders, annual and vegetable beds.

Ness Botanical Garden

on the woodland walk

The Alnwick Garden

around hostas and delphiniums

What is Mulch

A mulch is a layer of material covering the soil surface. ‘Organic mulches’ are made from material that has been alive as opposed to inorganic mulches which are stone or man made.

Organic Mulches

  • Commonest organic mulches are wet straw, peat, garden compost, leaf mould, rotted animal manure, coir or bark chippings.
  • Organic mulches can be used to apply nutrients via compost, manures or with additives like blood and bone.
  • Semi-composted bark chippings do not add any real food value but look good and rot down more evenly than fresh bark.
  • A thick organic mulch will keep the soil temperature even and provide a layer for surface rooting plants like Rhododendrons.
  • Wood chippings can be used as a fresh mulch but they take nitrogen from the soil to rot so compost them first. Barrier fabric can have many problems.

Madiera mulch


Uses for Mulch and Mulches

  • Prevents the loss of moisture from the underlying soil whilst allowing rainwater to percolate.
  • Mulch smothers weeds and deprives weed seeds of light to germinate.
  • Enables fertiliser in liquid or granular form to be applied.
  • Mulch improves the soil condition particularly for specific plants
  • Some mulch is used as a background to display plants for example grit for Alpines.
  • Winter mulch can protect roots from frost.

How to Mulch

  • Put your mulch on clean soil after removing obvious weeds.
  • Put 2-4 inches of mulch down and expect worms to pull some of the lower mulch into the soil. Do not pile mulch against trunks and stems to avoid rotting but cover the area where roots are growing.
  • Regular top dressing further mulch will add to the depth to help it last 1-4 years.

Other Mulches

  • Inorganic mulches have their place. Small grade gravel or washed shingle can be used as a mulch.
  • Depending on the requirement from the mulch you can use black polythene, roofing felt or woven nylon. These tend to heat up and warm the soil and are used to keep out light.
  • You can plant through these mulches by cutting a cross in the fabric and folding it back. I do this for Strawberries.
  • Coloured stone, slate and bark mulching can be used for decorative purposes.
  • Granulated rubber chippings from old tyres can be used but are best used in children’s play areas.

Strulch is a proprietary organic mulch.

Best Mulch to Use

Organic mulches at Amazon

Bark chips

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