Gunnera and Unrelated BrunneraTips

Massive Gunnera Tips

  • Gunnera with giant green leaves grow over 6 feet tall and spread even wider. They are not for small spaces!
  • Gunnera are moisture loving, herbaceous plants best suited for stream or lakeside positions.
  • They make specimen architectural plants for a bog garden but control the size.
  • Cover the plant to protect from hard frost
  • Sometimes called giant rhubarb the leaves are not edible

Brunnera Tips

  • Heart shaped variegated leaves followed by blue, forget-me-not look alike, flowers make this a very attractive plant.
  • Brunneras like a moist soil but can tolerate some dry spells
  • Brunneras also like shade and are useful in a woodland setting
  • Grow in containers or as ground cover these 18inch high plants are versatile.
  • A new golden leaved form is available www.parkseedjournal

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