Hostas as Slug and Snail Food

Hosta flowers

Not so long ago my Hostas were in fine flowering fettle. Now as Autumn approaches the slugs and snails are making a meal of the soft juicy leaves that are starting to give up the ghost.

Slug Food

Looking back at earlier photos I realised that the slug damage started along with the flowers but the effect was pleasing enough not to use chemical or biological control.

Hosta flower slugged

I am not going to start dealing with the slugs and snails at this time of the year.
The Hosta leaves will die back anyway and the slugs can provide a tasty snack for the hedgehogs before they hibernate.
The frogs are also still active and with a new pond for them to populate with frogspawn next spring they can feed themselves up as well.

The last Hosta picture should feature with my blue leaved plants. Blue hostas are not as juicy to slugs and snails and you could try varieties such as Blue Angel, Blue Sea or Blue Mouse Ears,


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