Ideas Growing Hostas

Ideas Growing Hostas


Facts about Hostas

  • Hostas are attractive foliage plants that prosper in the shade from spring to the first frost.
  • Hosta varieties vary in height from the Blue Angel at 4 feet to  Thumb Nail at 4 inches.
  • Blue green and yellow leaved hosts all like water and the yellow & gold leaved varieties will stand more sunshine like Sun Power .
  • Varied textures are available from smooth, crinkled, puckered and leathery all  to tempt you.
  • Hostas do not seem to die of old age and require minimum maintenance.


Variagated Leaves

  • There are many variations amongst different varieties with wide and narrow outer bands. it is hard to get a perfect match as light, temperature and growing conditions can influence the colour pattern.
  • Juvenile leaves always look different not only smaller but less rounded and some leaf patterns take years to fully develop.
  • Hosta sieboldii varieties have distinctive patterns like Haku-Chu-Han and Kabitan.
  • Combine variagated Hostas with Arum italicum Pictum or other variagated leaved plants.


Hosta Flowers

  • Hosta flower on long lasting Racemes like Hosta Blue Angel.
  • Flowers may be white and scented like Fragrant Candelabra  or Fragrant Bouquet
  • Some plants have pale blue  flowering spikes like the spreading Hosta ventricola Aureo-marginata
  • Flowers are not the main reason for growing Hostas but provide another level of interest & valuable benefits.


Where to use Hostas

  • In Japan hostas are grown as pot plants for both indor and our door use.
  • They can be planted on the edge of a gravel path under the shade of a hedge.
  • Small hostas can be used in the wet areas of a rock garden or rockery.
  • A woodland setting is often best with key elements of shade and moisture being available.
Host of low growing Hosta
Host of low growing Hosta
  • Good patterns can be found amongst the leaf arrangements and that is one reason the foliage is often used by florists.
  • Other companion plants not mentioned above include Epimedium, Acorus, Astilibes, Berginia and Pulmonaria. Aim for plants that will add variety to the height and shapes.

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