Extending the Bulb Flowering Season

Extending the Bulb Flowering Season



Spring flowers are always well received as a way to herald the coming summer. Because spring bulb flowers are highly valued take the opportunity to extend the flowering season, especially in key pot locations.

Start with a careful selection of varieties. Early season, mid season and late varieties exist for Tulips and Daffodils. Crocus are a bit harder but there are autumn varieties for flowering of late bulbs.

How To Have Bulbs flowering for several weeks in Spring

  • Choose sets of bulbs to flower at different times throughout the spring and place into aquatic baskets or transferable containers.
  • For the  early flowering bulbs, plant these in a greenhouse to help their early flowering. Then plant the ‘aquatic baskets’ into the target pot.
  • As a general rule, bulbs need to be planted at a depth of 2-3 times the bulb height.
  • After the first bunch of bulbs have finished flowering, you can remove the aquatic basket and place another set of bulbs into the ornamental pot. In this way you can have  3 -4 sets of flowering bulbs in the same ornamental pot throughout spring. This is an excellent way to give the impression you are an expert gardener.
  • People will be impressed by the long flowering season of your pot, and they may not even realise how you are able to do it.
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