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Stellar Pelargonium – Bird Dancer Geranium


These special zonal pelargoniums are often mistakenly called geraniums. The Stellars have star shaped flowers that give the cultivars their name. The petals are not as full as other zonals but the leaf markings are quite striking. There is a lot of bud at the moment and they are massing in the garden quite well.

As with other geraniums they like a free draining soil but are not troubled with pests (famous last words).

The zonal leaf marking became more apparent when the plants were put outside from the greenhouse.

Plants are easy to propagate from now all through summer and autumn. Just keep the plants on the dry side and frost free in winter. Plants last several years but are more robust and floriferous from new stock. Seed can be sown in warmth from February or raised from plug plants.

The flowers repay close attention and can be inspected on the geranium flower web site

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Thompson & Morgan supply Pelargonium seeds and plants in season.


Dwarf Pelargonium aka Geranium


This dwarf Pelargonium (called Geranium) is shorter than a paperback (I mean not as tall) and the leaves are correspondingly small. A perfect little miniature plant with all the habits and leaf colouring of a zonal Pelargonium.

Dwarf Pelargonium Tips and Hints

  • I guess you could grow them outside in summer in the rockery after the Aubretia and spring flowers have finished or in pots indoors and out..
  • I have several cuttings coming along very nicely that I took from this plant in March as I wanted to reshape it for this summer and couldn’t waste the trimmings. I used gritty compost and a normal window ledge and all 6 have rooted. I will cut them back in Autumn for growing slowly onward next spring.
  • I am looking  for other miniature Geraniums to complement this one as they are easier to maintain in good condition than the larger varieties.
  • The following varieties are suitable for exhibitions and I might give one or two a try; Dibbinsdale, Dovepoint, Barnsdale and Clatterbridge according to Fir Trees nursery where I buy my Pelargoniums.
  • I may also try a Dwarf Regal Pelargonium like Lily The pink or Tammy Ann

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