Tips for Growing Bamboo in UK

Tips for Growing Bamboo in UK


Bamboo is an intriguing plant, which contains over 1,200 species ranging from specimens 6 inches tall, to varieties which can grow upto a foot a day and reach over 130 feet. With the 1,200 species there are varieties which deserve a reputation for being an invasive plant. In the above picture, you can see how the bamboo is spreading away from the wall and is popping up in the middle of the front garden. This particular variety is not too bad, and digging up the rogue runners once a year is sufficient to keep it in check.

Growing tips for Bamboo

  • Bamboo like well drained aerated soil
  • They don’t need feeding. You can prune them and digg up clumps to keep them in shape.
  • Bamboo are excellent for giving height in a garden
  • They also add a resting rustle in the wind.
  • For species with invasive roots, plant in a container with the bottom cut out. This will help contain the roots within the area that you want.
  • When photographing bamboo do not let your shadow intrude.

Growing Bamboo in Pots

Bamboo can make excellent pot plants. Many temperate varieties will do well as a pot plant. The hardier varieties will also do well in outside pots. This enables the gardener to contain the bamboo within a certain space.

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