Plants for Windy Gardens

Plants for Windy Gardens


Tulips protected by a windbreak.

If you live in an exposed environment with strong winds, you will have to be more selective about the plants you chose. Bear in mind also, windy gardens may soon dry out. You will have to avoid plants which can easily get ‘wind burn’ – acers for example spring to  mind.

Gardeners often see wind as an ‘enemy’ of the garden – blowing over their prize delphiniums e.t.c. But, wind can have beneficial effects. Some plants like bamboo and grasses, look enchanting blowing in the wind. With careful planning, the windy garden can still do well. One tip is simply to see what is thriving in similar environments. Good plants for windy gardens include

Best Plants for Windy Gardens

Bamboo. Chose a non-invasive variety or grow in pots. Bamboo makes a great sound swaying in the wind. It also helps to offer a flexible windbreak, to provide more shelter.

Hydrangea. A low growing shrub with attractive blue or pink flowers in summer. In particular thrives in coastal situation with both wind and salty air.

Scot Heather – grows in a variety of conditions from exposed moorland to the town garden. Only real requirement is an acidic compost.

Sedge – Carex. A grass that looks great blowing in the wind. Tough pliable bronze foliage looks great in the wind.

Sea Lavender – Limonium – A much undervalued annual with attractive flowers in the height of summer, will be fine in windy environments.

Chilean Potato Tree – Solanum Crispum. A fast evergreen climber which will soon cover fence and provide more shelter.

Geraniums and Pelargoniums. These low growing annuals will be fine in windy conditions. This applies to over low growing annuals such as buzy lizzies.


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