Top 5 Variegated Bamboo


Variegated Bamboo are available in several varieties but with over 1000 bamboos to choose from that is not a surprise. The best range of bamboos in the UK are available from Moor Monkton Nursery. After my top 5 variegated bamboo list there are some tips on growing and buying bamboo.

Top 5 Variegated Bamboos

  1. Arundinaria viridistriata ‘Pleioblastus’ is a decorative dwarf bamboo with wonderful variegated foliage making it a highly desirable addition to your garden. The bright yellow and green streaks provide an eye catching focal point when planted in large planters or in your border and it will grow to approx 1.2m.
  2. Phyllostachys aureosulcata spectabilis has a combination of rich custard yellow stems slashed with green streaks. An exotic looking bamboo with stems that look red in sunlight. Ht 3m.
  3. Bambusa multiplex ‘Alphons Karr’ is an unusual bamboo with decorative canes that are pink at first then turn bright orange-yellow with fine green stripes between the nodes. Grows to approx 3m in a clump and ideal for growing in a large pot or it can be grown indoors.
  4. Sasa Veitchii Is a very large leaved plant, the leaves of which die back white towards autumn to giving it a striking variegated appearance. Grows to around 1.5 metres
  5. The pictured specimen is a Bambosa Arundinacea variegata grow in a hot house and may not be suitable for a northerly garden.

baby bamboo
Tips on Cultivating Bamboo

  • Many Bamboo are successfully grown in the UK and Europe. Almost all 200 of the hardier species sold in the UK are fine for growing outside.
  • If you have do not have room in your flower beds Bamboo can be grown in large tubs, providing you have a cool greenhouse or conservatory to keep the roots  frost free in winter.
  • The leaves can withstand very low temperatures but the roots cannot. When keeping bamboo in containers you must be careful that the soil never dries out.
  • If you plant a bamboo into your flower bed allow plenty of space for it to spread. A few species are fairly compact, but the majority will spread and try to take over your garden.
  • Bamboo will take several years to become large stands and can be kept in check by removing stray shoots and runners each year. Alternatively keep them in check by planting them in a container or large concrete drain sunk into the ground.
  • If the leaves fold up in the sun they probably prefer shade. Most small leaf bamboos will tolerate a lot of sun.

Buying new Bamboo

  • There is no point in buying a large expensive specimen from a specialist bamboo supplier if you just want one of the common species and don’t mind waiting a year or two for it to mature. If the bBamboo on sale is not named, but cheap enough you can always try to identify it later.
  • Plants in very small 4″ pots are likely to be recently taken divisions and may not have matured. These take a lot more nurturing than larger established specimens. Look for a plant in a 7″ pot or larger.
  • Always try to choose a plant with new shoots emerging from the soil, as this will indicate that they have an established root system. If the new plant is pot bound repot in a larger pot but for container grown Bamboo try leave them in their pot from Autumn until the growing season in Spring.


Tips for growing bamboo


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