Green Roof Of Sedum or Grass

Bear the weight of wet soil in mind but enjoy the fun of a green roof. Try maintain easy access to make life simpler.


The Ecology Building Society as befits it’s brand values has a green roof on it’s HQ building. Green roofs can be a mixture of grasses or Sedums or both and all have similar benefits.

Benefits of Green Roofing

Golden Acre green roof

  • Improves energy efficiency with a natural thermal insulation.
  • Green roofs remove CO2 from the atmosphere to maintain the area of green plant growth.
  • Providing a natural and safe area for insects and a aesthetically pleasing wildlife habitat.
  • Good sound insulation is provided by the layers needed for a green roof.
  • Water and run off drainage control is increased.

Further Tips

  • The independent Green Roof organisation ‘livingroofs’ has more information.
  • Seed mixes are available containing plants able to withstand the rigours of a roof top environment species such as Chives, Oregano, Blue fax, White Stonecrop, Tunic flower and Ornamental grasses.
  • Sheffield University hosts the Green Roof Centre

Green roof


2 Responses to Green Roof Of Sedum or Grass

  1. Angela December 16, 2010 at 16.03 #

    A green roof that uses sedum matting also filters dust and pollutants from the air. I would also warn that most people forget that a green roof does need some maintenance every year, mainly just weeding and feeding.


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