Summer Pond Care

Summer Pond Care

Summer is another tough season for small garden ponds. The warmer weather can spoil the balance between the amount of vegetation and the levels of sunlight.

Pond Weed

Observations and Summer Tasks

  • Aquatic plants help maintain a balanced pool free from algea in summer.
  • Free floating plants reduce the amount of sun reaching the depths and keep the water cooler. Gently place new plants on the surface.
  • Maintain 50% of the water surface clear of vegetation thinning when necessary.
  • Deep water aquatic plants with floating leaves like water lilies benefit from regular dividing.
  • Submerged oxygenating plants are vital to pool hygiene 5-20 stems per square yard of surface is needed.
  • Excessive plant growth replaces oxygen with carbon dioxide at night potentially causing fish to die.
  • Thin out and avoid invasive species such as Mtriophllum acquaticum.
  • Good housekeeping involves topping up water levels and removing dead and rotting vegetation.

Thorpe Perrow Lake

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