Summer Pruning Lavender

Summer Pruning Lavender

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Lavender will not sprout willingly from old wood. So when pruning make certain some green wood remains. Lavenders bloom on the stems that grew that year. Pruning is designed to encourage more flowering branches and give plants a longer life.

  Lavender Pruning Tips

  • Lavender angustifoila (English Lavender) should be pruned every year.
  • Keep the plants tight, shapely and compact
  • Remove flower stalks after flowering
  • Prune an an inch or so of this years growth and a third of the older bushes without cutting into older leafless wood.
  • Late summer is an ideal time to prune English Lavender.
  • Less hardy varieties Lavender stoechas (Spanish Lavender,  French Lavender) and intermedia Lavendin should be trimmed immediately after flowering and if necessary again in autumn.
  • Start gentle pruning when the plants are young and be heavier on older plants.
  • Pruning in spring can delay flowering.

Lavender can make a neat informal hedge but follow a good pruning regime. Trim twice a year to maintain shape and general performance.

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