Sowing Vegetable Seed in Summer

Sowing Vegetable Seed in Summer

Late Sown Peas

Reasons for Summer Seed Sowing

  • If you want a regular supply of salad crops and continuity of fresh vegetables then sow through summer.
  • Some crop failures can be retrieved by a summer sowing.
  • Some crops prefer a late sowing. Runner beans soon catch up if sown now.
  • Summer sowing lengthens the harvesting period and late sowings come into their own as early sowing begin to peak.

Tips for Summer Sowing

  • Salad, carrots , radish and cut and come again crops are suited to direct sowing.
  • Increase the organic matter in your soil during autumn to increase the water retention ability.
  • Water your weed free seed bed a couple of days before sowing to increase the moisture level to a depth of at least 2″.
  • In very dry conditions water a deep drill before sowing and leave a U shape furrow to focus more water to the seedlings
  • A fine tilth and firming down will help the seed make good contact with the moist soil.
  • If the soil is prone to forming a crust cover seeds with proprietary compost rather than garden soil.
  • Covering new seed drills with fleece or newspaper reduces evaporation as would any temporary shading.
  • A tip for lettuce germination is to sow in the afternoon – lettuce need a cool period to germinate.

Look after your summer sown children – Do not go on holiday – ‘do not collect £200 for passing go.’

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