Plant Pots that Push the Boat Out


If bunches of flowers can be arranged in a wide variety of containers and vases why not growing plants.

I liked this boat on a wall at Scarborough which was cheerfully full of Pansies. The variegated Ivy provided a bit of light green colour and texture and even the plastic sunflower was not out of place.

Tips for Unusual Plant Holders

  • If you make a creative container ensure there is drainage so plants do not drown. I guess these boats were holed below the plimsoll line!
  • Containers under the eaves of houses or in a rain shadow from the wall will need watering more frequently.
  • Ensure the container can hold enough compost or soil for a good root run.
  • Use water retaining gel or special container compost.
  • Pick of dead flowerheads to encourage new blooms.


This boat was in a park at Ross on Wye and it would be hard to tend the plants in the middle as the boat was quite large. It creates a whole new mean to houseboat as this is a real gardenboat.


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