Know Your Onions they are Alliums

Know Your Onions they are Alliums

White Allium

Alliums are a significant species of bulbous, herbaceous perennials that usually have an onion odor and taste.

  • Indeed garlic, leeks, onions, chives and shallots are all Alliums.
  • Many alliums are grown as decorative flowers rather than as a food crop.
  • Plants have bulbs that reform annually from the base of the old bulb, or are produced on the ends of rhizomes or the ends of stolons.
  • The bulbs have outer coats that are commonly brown or grey, with a smooth texture, and are fibrous, or with cellular reticulation.
  • Many alliums have basal leaves that go white or wither away from the tips downward before or while the plant flowers.
  • Flowers are produced in groups forming a globe or umbels where the outside flowers bloom first and flowering progresses to the inside


Ornamental onions are grown for their showy flower heads.
Alliums grow in a wide range of sizes and shades of blue, purple, white and yellow.

yellow allium

Florists find Alliums have a long cut life of 12-20 days.
Alliums and their seed heads are suitable for drying.

Allium seed heads

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