Gardeners Tips on Ground Cover Plants

Reasons to consider ground cover for your garden

  • Ground cover can be designed to be low maintenance
  • Good cover will soften edges and sides of paths
  • Soil on slopes or banking can be held in place
  • Difficult areas with access problems can be covered in style
  • Bare soil can be unsightly unless covered
  • Good plant selection can make a feature of ground cover
  • Ground cover can add balance and harmony within the garden

Vinca ground cover

Plants for Ground Cover Situations

  • Auga reptans blue flower spikes aka Bugle ‘burgundy glow’
  • Vinca major and minor – both evergreen periwinkles
  • Pachysandra terminalis – whirling evergreen leaves
  • Epimedium rubrum – green flushed red
  • Euonymus fortunei – Emerald ‘n’ gold broad yellow margins
  • Geranium renardii G macrorhizum useful but not spectacular
  • Deadnettle lamium maculatum aureum – variegated leaf with purple flowers
  • Ivy for deep shade or variegated forms for light shade
  • Ophiopogon planiscapus – Black mondo grass
  • Epimedium Niveum – White Flowers
  • Juniper Squamata – blue needles and prostrate habit
  • Viburnum Davidii – Mound forming sweet scented flowers

Ground cover March Heather

Build your Confidence

There are no absolutes in gardening. If something doesn’t work to your satisfaction try something else. I use low heather and ling to cover some rough ground. There are roses sold as ground cover and any number of other plants may suit your requirements so give it a try.

Conifers with a horizontal nature can formĀ  very effective ground cover

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  1. perennialgardenlover July 31, 2008 at 16.03 #

    I like the bugle weed but some of those others can be quite invasive. My favorite groundcovers are Phlox subulata and Sweet Woodruff.


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