Hellebore Heaven or Hell

Hellebore Heaven or Hell

Lenten rose or Christmas rose the Helebores have a big claim to be heavenly plants.


I get fascinated by different plants at different times of the year and currently it is the colour of Hellebores that are exercising my imagination. Am I right in contrasting the deep purple bracts above with a devilish or even hellish colour. Perhaps that is taking things a bit far for a plant that starts the year as the Christmas Rose and becomes the Lenten Rose.


So to a heavenly colour for the angels to ponder. A clean white flower with only the yellow stamen and leaf green to set it off.


Back to a photograph of the first plant with the velvety colour and texture but spiny edged leaves. Is someone taking the pistils with the black filaments amongst the creamy white stamen?

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Help Get your Hellebore to Heaven not Hell

Heavenly Hellebore Planting

  • Hellebores are strong growers in the right conditions. They can double in size each year with a bit or encouragement.
  • Line the bottom of the planting hole with humous rich soil. Tease out the roots.
  • Fill around the plant with rich soil. Keep pot grown plant crowns level with the soil, open grown can be planted 1″ deeper. Mulch with an inch of leaf mould or mushroom compost in July and December.

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