Growing Hellebore in 2016

Growing Hellebore in 2016


Hellebores are doing very well this year. The combination of the last cold winter, warm spring and now wet winter again has brought out the flowers in profusion. The Niger or Christmas rose is one of the earliest white flowers but many hybrids are now available.

Tips on Growing Hellebore

  • Buy plants in flower so you know what colour you are getting. Hellebore is very promiscuous and plants grown from seed may be crossed with other less suitable plants.
  • Try grow plants in a raised area so you can look up at the flowers which tend to have droopy flowerheads.
  • In early winter cut the old foliage down so that you can see new flowers easily and then new leaves will grow to feed the plant for next year.
  • Collect your own seed and sow when fresh. You may get an interesting cross which will be your very own hybrid.
  • Hellebores like a good feed and a spring dressing of organic compost.
  • Hellebores can make very good long lasting cut flowers
  • Known as flowers for wood land shade Hellebores will flower in sun if the roots are kept moist and cool

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Shades of Hellebore hybrids – almost black and white.


Thompson Morgan Hellebores


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  1. After flowering split off some side shoot stems. Try keep some root attached to each side shoot. Water well and wait a couple of years for flowering.

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