Help Growing Spinach

You don’t need to have muscles like Popeye to grow spinach. It is a simple leafy vegetable that is undemanding if given the right conditions.

  • It is a long day plant initiating flowering as days lengthen.
  • Good moist conditions give rapid growth and a quick harvest before running to seed.
  • Sowing after mid summer reduces bolting.
  • Bolt resistant varieties include Monnopa, Spokanr and Palco.

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Spinach Problems

  • Blight caused by cucumber mosaic virus causes leaf yellowing. burn the plants.
  • Leaf spot causes light brown or grey areas to develop. Chose a new site each year and feed wth potassium sulphate.
  • Downy mildew can by a minor irritants. Thin out the rows and remove infected leaves.


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