Millipede & Centipede Problems

Millipede & Centipede Problems

From our latest selection of garden pests some of the least voracious are the Millipede & Centipede families.

Millipedes have long bodies with many segments with two pairs of legs to each segment. They are black, dark brown or creamy white with red spots on the underside  with short antennae.

Centipedes are brown or pale yellow with relatively long antennae and only one pair of legs per body segment.

Diet & Control

  • Centipedes feed mainly on insects both good and bad from a gardeners point of view.
  • Millipedes feed on dead plant material but can damage seedlings or exploit damage caused by other pests
  • Spotted snake millipedes exploits slug damage on potatoes, bean seeds and fungi.
  • There is no chemical control
  • Keep seedlings well watered and growing strongly through vulnerable periods.
  • Do not add to compost heaps any infested soil.

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