Gardening as a Business

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How to Start Your Own Gardening Business
An Insider Guide to Setting Yourself Up as a Professional Gardener is a useful tutorial if you want to set up a gardening business. I recommend you consider your aspirations and limitations carefully and either set up a ‘Life Style business’ or consider becoming a qualified, professional career gardener.

Life Style Gardener

  • There are many jobs from spring onward for jobbing gardeners. Lawyers hang out a shingle but for gardeners a post card in the post office usually suffices.
  • Labouring on hedges and lawns for the infirm or doing small construction and garden maintenance projects are within the grasp of most hobby gardeners.
  • If your work is good then word of mouth should get you lots of referals.
  • Hourly rates in the North of England vary from £6- £20 per hour depending on the level of horticultural skill, experience and quality of garden. Ask around amongst those already in business.

Career Gardener

  • At the Royal Horticulture society there is a progression from the RHS Level 2 Certificate in Horticulture through the Level 3 Advanced Certificate and Diploma qualifications, to the Master of Horticulture.
  • Here is a comprehensive list of qualifications but there are many local courses, correspondence courses and ways of getting training.
  • Specialisation is probably worth considering once the basic skill sets are in place.
  • Landscaping and design are often areas that attract premium income.
  • Learning on the job with a Parks and Gardens department will help with the cost of education.
  • You also need a basic business skill set to cover getting paid, sorting taxation and keeping records. So try Business Link for start up advice.

Book Cover

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  1. sarah green June 14, 2011 at 16.03 #

    I started a business in and around london a few years ago and there is plenty of work and people looking to create there own vegetable garden. Many people with flats also looking to utilise space. I can recommend gardenign as a career – it’s very therapeutic. I started with no quals but took a distance learning course and also learnt from books.

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