Sedum spathulifolium all year round

Sedum spathulifolium all year round


Sedum spathulifolium make dense mats of grey foliage. The cheerful yellow flowers can be up to 3″ across.

Originally from west and north America this hardy plant is now found in many rockery and alpine gardens. It can be grown successfully with Sempervivums or other Sedum.

Sedum spathulifolium varieties to Grow

    • Sedum spathulifolium purpureum has wine coloured leaves when young.
    • Sedum spathulifolium ‘Capablanca’ has virtually white leaves and is more delicate needing protection in an apline house.
    • Cape Blanco has tiny, fleshy rosettes of whitish-gray leaves. It spreads slowly to form low dense mats. Good in containers.
    • Although attractive in flower, Sedum spathulifolium are at their best in midwinter with their colourful evergreen foliage and attractive shapes.
    • ‘Carnea’ has rounded, fleshy, silver-green leaves shaded with crimson and bright yellow summer flowers. see images.

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A National Plant Collection of Sedum is held by Ray Stephenson, Choppington, Northumberland. He also wrote the authoritative text ‘Sedum Cultivated Stonecrops’.

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More images of Sedum are available on Google but it is fun to grow and photograph your own plants.

Grow Sedum from seed depending on the crop from Thompson Morgan

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